Our Cool2BeKind workshops teach children in all communities, the value of kindness and empathy as alternatives to bullying and abuse.

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Your donation makes it possible for a child to attend a Cool2BeKind workshop

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We provide educators training sharing resources to promote a culture of kindness and curb bullying at schools.

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Participate in Peace Day

In September Cool2BeKind celebrates Peace Day. Register your school to join our Peace Day Pledge.


What is Cool2BeKind?

Make a PINKIE PROMISE and DONATE R50 towards Cool2BeKind school and community workshops with learners. Together we can end the myth that bullying is a normal part of childhood development.

By donating your Pinkie (R50) to the Cool2BeKind initiative, you are helping children through Kidz2Kidz to understand what bullying is about and you are being an 'Upstander' against bullying. Donate

Cool2BeKind dispels the myth that bullying is part of everyday childhood development, by providing training and resources to educators and learners in schools.

Through a series of specially designed training workshops, educators are given tools on how to combat bullying in schools, how to share and sustain this information with learners in their classes and are shown alternatives to aggression and violence – often the only examples set by the communities they live in.

Learners are taught to take pride in empathy and gentleness, how to ensure safe spaces by role-modelling a bully free environment and to demonstrate leadership by being an "Upstander".

The training topics, which are conducted ‘online’ or with the educators include the following:-

  • Bullying behaviour
  • Cyberbullying
  • Upstander instead of Bystander
  • Manage anxiety in Children
  • Racism, Prejudice and Discrimination
  • Gender-based Violence

Understanding that kindness is strength, rather than a weakness engenders respect for oneself and others. Not only does this discourage bullying behaviour, but it empowers children in situations of victimisation.

Teaching a child that it is Cool2BeKind creates tidal waves of transformation.

Through the Cool2BeKind involvement in the schools, discoveries show that much of the bullying stems from low self-esteem and learning difficulties which is a direct result of not been able to READ.

STORYWEAVERS combines the love for literacy with the Cool2BeKind anti-bullying kindness project. Research shows that many children bully due to low self-esteem which resonates with not been able to read.

Collaborations with like-minded individuals and organisations not only add additional resources but ensure that together we weave a kinder, brighter future for children in South Africa.

World Peace Day

Join Cool2BeKind on World Peace Day the 21st September to stand united in support of Kindness and to say no to all forms of bullying, abuse and violence. Schools, Social and Sporting communities, Corporate businesses and YOU are invited to take a stand.

At 12h00 noon you are encouraged to stand united holding your hands in a heart shape and spend one minute in silence with kind thoughts, followed by one minute of making a big noise in support of no more bullying, abuse and violence.

The International Day of Peace ("Peace Day") is observed around the world each year on 21 September. Established in 1981 by unanimous United Nations resolution, Peace Day provides a globally shared date for all humanity to commit to Peace above all differences and to contribute to building a Culture of Peace.

One minute of silence, One minute of noise, One Voice, One BIG difference together.

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Cool2Bekind online and on-premises training empowers educators with resources to curb bullying in schools.

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Cool2BeKind anti-bullying Educators training enables the sharing of resources. Help by donating now.

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